Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tally 9 (Full)

Tally 9 comes with rich ftures & financial reports that give
you the necessary management and control of your business. A few of these are listed below:• Funds Flow & Cash Flow reports – help you loe bottlenecks
• Bank reconciliation - keeps your bank books in sync, and identifyunclr instruments
• Customer Credit Limits - to limit risk of default and large losses
• Budgets - keep tabs on projected expenses against actuals
• Mark vouchers post dated - these will reflect into the books of accounts only on/after that date
• For needs where reports have to consider a transaction that has not happened (say salaries for this month that get paid the next month) vouchers (called 'reversing journals') can be marked to 'disappr' for reports post a specific date
• "Scenario" management - helps you with your business forecasting and planning. You can use optional, reversing journals and memorandum vouchers, to aid in recording provisional entries that are useful for interim reports

• Multiple inventory valuation. You can decide one valuation method for the business, and be
able erate financial reports using any other valuation method - as the statutory method
may not be appropriate for your needs, your bankers and for other decisions

• Cash balances can go negative - you can get warned if this is about to happen, or see reports
and make the necessary corrections

• Several business exceptions are available (negative stocks, negative ledgers) - for you to
exercise control over these activities

• A one-screen business ratios with drill down right up to the transactions - help you to correct
course frequently

• Item wise & document wise profitability statements to control revenue age and
inappropriate pricing

• Internal audits are supported with audit controls - authorised users can mark vouchers as
'audited' and can get to see reports on changes made post audit, and the name of the person
making the change

File Size : 10 MB

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