Thursday, May 19, 2016

Road Rash (mini)

Road Rash is a popular bike racing computer game relsed by the Electronic Arts in the yr 1996. It will give a nice entertainment for the bike game lovers. In this blog you can lrn an sy method to get free download for Road Rash. Before showing the method I like to write some words about this game.
The game can be played in five different loions namely The City,The Peninsula, Sierra Nevada, The Napa Valley and The Pacific Highway with cool graphics. In ch race we have to compete with 14 opponents and should come within first three places to win the race.
We can play in three different modes. Thrash Mode will permit us to play in different loions and player levels. The Big Game Mode will permit to choose desirable character and in this mode we will be able to purchase improved bikes by rning game cash . The other mode named Mano A Mano will help us to play with the other person anywhere in the world using Internet connection.

While playing the game we can see players involving in violent activities. When we try to overtake anyone of the opponents, we will be bten and kicked by him. We can also bt and kick the opponents by pressing 'Enter' and 'space' buttons.
To change player level we need to select option 'rest room' in the thrash mode. In the rest room we can select the player level. If you incrse the player level, it will be difficult to win the race. It'll be sy to win the race if you ride bike at speed above 100 Miles/hour.
We can see a lot of cars running from both sides and many people who may be walking, crossing and standing along the road. We should be very careful while playing the game as there are many chances to meet with accidents. Sometimes we would be followed and chased by cops before completing the race. We can escape from cops by incrsing the speed of our bike.

File Size : 4.6 MB


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