Thursday, May 19, 2016

Visual Studio 2015 14.0.22310.1 Preview Full Version Free Download

Visual Studio 2015 14.0.22310.1 Preview Full Version Free Download
Visual Studio 2015with MSDN provides the most comprehensive solution to sily deliver appliions across all platforms, including phone, desktop, tablet, server, and the cloud. With an included MSDN subscription, you get access to thousands of products and additional services – so you have everything you need for designing, developing, and testing your appliions on a variety of platforms. Ensure all roles involved in your project can continuously deliver value with agility, quality, and scale. Visual Studio 2015 with MSDN enables you to choose between Tm Foundation Server for a self-hosted collaboration environment, or Visual Studio Online to manage your software project in thecloud.

VisualC++for Cross-Platform Mobile Development
You can use Visual Studio to share, reuse, build, deploy, and debug your cross-platform mobile . Crte projects from templates for Android Native Activity apps, or for shared libraries that you can use on multiple platforms and in Xamarin native Android appliions. Use platform-specific liSense to explore APIs and erate correct for Android or targets. Configure your build for x86 or ARM native platforms. Deploy your to attached Android devices or use ’s performant Android emulator for testing. Set brkpoints, watch variables, view the stack and step through in the Visual Studio debugger. The Log viewer displays the message log from an Android device. Share all but the most platform-specific across multiple app platforms, and build them all with a single solution in Visual Studio 2015.Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
Formerly known as Multi-Device Hybrid Apps for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova make it sy to build, debug, and test cross-platform apps that target Android, iOS, , and Phone from one simple Visual Studio project. Lrn more here.All of the ftures available in CTP3 are now available in the Visual Studio 2015 Preview, including the following improvements over CTP2:
* Update on save for Ripple – no need to rebuild!
* Debug an iOS version of your app from Visual Studio when it is deployed to the iOS Simulator or a connected device on a Mac
* Improved security and simplified configuration for the included remote iOS build at
* An improved plugin management experience that includes support for adding custom plugins to your project from Git or the filesystem
* Select platform-specific configuration options from an improved config.xml designer
* Support for Apache Cordova 4.0.0.Visual Studio Emulator for Android
You can use the Visual Studio Emulator for Android either in a cross-platform project in Visual Studio (Xamarin or C++), or in Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. The emulator allows you to switch between different platform emulators without Hyper-V conflicts. It supports GPS/Loion, accelerometer, screen rotation, zoom, SD card, and network access. Lrn more about the Visual Studio Emulator for Android.
Download Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate Preview [Web Installer]Download Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate Preview [ISO]

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