Thursday, May 19, 2016

Test Drive Unlimited PC Game

Download PC Game Test Drive Unlimited 1 Full PC Download Free
Test Drive Unlimited Free PC Download Full Game Free Download
Free Download Full Version Game Test Drive Unlimited 1 PC
Test Drive Unlimited lets the player choose one of several characters, both male and female, waiting at an airport to check in for their flight to the Caribbn drm island O'ahu loed in Hawaii. The characters do not have different statistics, that only applies to the extravagant, d cars.
The whole island is accessible from the beginning and after the player has bought his first home and car, he can either drive around and look for events or load up the map and jump directly to a loion of a race, a car salesman or other loions - similar to Need for Speed Underground. Every bought car has a built-in navigation system, guided by a woman's voice to get the player to his destination, either pre-programmed in the game or decided by the player.
There are over 125 different cars and motorcycles in different price ranges to choose from. From the Audi TT over the Jaguar XJ200 to the McLaren F1 and Kawasaki Z1000, there is everything the character needs as a young man or girl with too much money on their hands. ch car has its own, rlistic set of characteristics such as speed or handling, but they all have a highly detailed exterior and interior in common.
The character starts with $200.000 dollars in his pocket, but there will not be anything left after buying a first car and home. Additional cash needs to be rned in different kinds of races from checkpoint challenges to time trials. The money cannot only be used to buy new homes and new cars (and a little tuning for those), but also to buy new outfits for the avatar.
The hrt of Test Drive Unlimited is the online mode. Using a GameSpy account, players connect to the official TDU server immediately after loading the game. New options become available online, such as a meeting lounge where the statistics and looks of other players can be looked up. It also provides access to player-crted matches shown on the map screen. Crting a race here also works in the singleplayer modes. At any loion, the start and finish can be defined, as well as the type of the race, which type/classes of cars or bikes are allowed and how many people can participate. If not all slots have been filled up by other players, the AI will take control of the rest.
Minimum System requirements:
Operating system: ® XP / ® Vista / ® 7
Processor: P4 @ 2,4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800 +
Memory: 1 GB
card: ATI Radeon 9800 / Nvidia 6600 GT (256 MB minimum)
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX
Space on your hard : 8 GB
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Installation notes:
1. Unpack both .rar archives to one loion or folder
2. Run setup.exe and install the game (select English several times during setup)
3. Play the game
Have fun!

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