Thursday, May 19, 2016

Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12.448 +

Computers are the place for children. This is the place where they can sharpen their agility as well as their abilities. They can lrn and make new friends. What’s more, the Internet provides information for homework assignments. So far, so good. But they also need to be protected from the computer—for one thing, so that they don’t lose their sense of time and forget to go out and play with their friends once in a while, and for another, because of the dangers lurking on the Web.
That’s why responsible parents everywhere install Child Control on every computer that their children use.New! Internet Remote Control: Starting with Child Control 2009 you can modify the most important settings or view session logs directly on the Internet. No matter where you are. No matter which browser you are using. This fture is part of the Online Functions.
Just a few things Child Control lets you do:*NEW: Blocking of file sharing programs and sites*NEW: 1,000,000 undesirable sites can now be selected for restriction*NEW: Adult-content filtering provided by German government authorities*NEW: Email reports of on- and off-times and daily statistics*NEW: additional configuration options*Works with all versions of from 95 to Vista*Limit time on the computer for ch day of the week*Limit use of the Internet for the day and the week*Set PC off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)*Set Internet off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)*sily extend time with s or TAN’sDefine “unwelcome” web content using words*Set time limits for egories of websites, such as s and online games*Set specific time limits for ch computer appliion*Grant unlimited time for specific appliions, such as lrning tools*Log all computer activity to let you later review ch user’s activities*Block modifiions to major settings*Protect your data by blocking access to specific folders*Limit children’s access to specific programs*Disable “backdoor” access to programs or functions*Extend all time limits during vaion time—one click does it all*Set up a central database for multiple users (schools, institutions, etc.)*for computers connected by modem, networks, DSL, routers, etc.*sily import or export settings or blacklists*Send log files to any email address


================INSTALL NOTES================Step 1: unpack rar archiveStep 2: run the setupStep 3: Use the given to activateStep 4: Enjoy

File Size : 19.7 MB


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