Thursday, May 19, 2016

PDF to Text Converter

sy PDF to Text Converter is a software that extracts information found in a PDF file, and places it in text files.
The tiny appliion has a standard interface, with no special ftures. It supports batch converting, and it doesn't need Acrobat Rder to be installed.
All you have to do is open a PDF file (drag and drop doesn't work) and set its output destination. Converting automatically starts, and once the process finishes, a dialog pops up saying conversion is complete.
During the conversion you can view PDF information (PDF name, PDF size, version, total pages, total files), as well as progress (it doesn't display elapsed time or remaining time). You can pause and resume, or stop the conversion at any time (if you pause and attempt to exit, the program says you have to stop the conversion first).
Unfortunately, if your PDF document has more than one page, ch one of them will be separately placed in a text document. This can become frustrating when you convert hundreds of pages.
Moreover, sy PDF to Text Converter doesn't accurately convert the whole text. Sometimes, the software doesn't recognize words containing double letters, so the conversion eliminates one of those letters (e.g. "permission" becomes "permision"), although the text quality of the PDF document is grt. But this randomly happens.
Blank spaces sometimes disappr as well, and sy PDF to Text Converter can convert only a small part of special characters found in other languages.
Since you presumably use such a tool to view the contents of a PDF document because you don't have Acrobat Rder installed, there is no way of knowing if the converted text is accurate.
On the other hand, sy PDF to Text Converter works very fast (100 pages were converted in just a few seconds), and it erally preserves the original page layout. Furthermore, the appliion uses a small amount of CPU and resources.
In conclusion, sy PDF to Text Converter is a fair conversion tool, but it still needs a lot of work. And make sure to verify the text. Besides, it's free to use.

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