Thursday, May 19, 2016

Moboie (Download Apps Store On PC & Backup) Free Download

Moboie (Download Apps Store On PC & Backup) Free Download
Moboieis aall in onepowerfulAndroid smartphonemanager that lets youbackup and restore filesfrom your smartphone to PC. Itprovidesfree appsand helps you control and manage your Android from PC. Moboie allows you to manage your apps, contacts, SMS, transfer pictures, s, music and other data from yourPC to phonewith just one click! You willdownload and installapps and games much faster with Moboie than with any othersimilarsoftware. SMS Manager lets you do such things as manage the texts and ads in your inbox or send texts to multiple contacts. Browse the worlds best websites for s, music and pictures, and download your favourites with a single click!

Whether it is a new Android phone or your fr to lose your device, you can be calm keeping your data backed up. The contact list, texts, pictures, s you trsure most will all be tucked away safely for a new phone!

Moboie Ftures:Apps Manager– download apps in an absolutely different way.
It takes a very long time to download an 80 MB app,. Moreover, it costs a fortune. And here Moboie helps you out: as magic as it may seem, simply select free apps and games from the store and install them on to your phone for free.Contacts Manager– manage and edit contacts sily.
Moboie will help you edit hundreds of your contacts on the phone: it will add new s and delete unnecessary contacts.Media Files Manager– download the best s, music and photos on the web.
If you are bored by the same old s and music for ages, Moboie gives you a chance to trt yourself to something absolutely new. Select the best and the latest and download them directly to your Android device.Manage Texts– desktop manager for your inbox.
We have all experienced how messy it gets when all the texts pile up, dotted with ads, various notifiions and what not. Manage your inbox using Moboie’s managerial skills. Also, use it to send texts se several people at once.Backup and Restore– just with one click
Stop worrying about losing your Android phone or switching to another. One click – and Moboie will back up your data! And another click for restoring this data to your phone or to another Android device!
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