Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta / Final Free Download

Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta / Final Free Download
Maxthon Cloud Browser unique ftures:
• Lightning fast speed – Maxthon Cloud uses an optimized web engine that loads webpages and runs appliions faster than any other browsers.
• Cloud syncing – Maxthon Cloud syncs user data, history and tabs across any platform their choice.
• Cloud download – Simultaneous storage of user downloads in the cloud;
• Cloud storage – You can crte their own storage space in the cloud.
• Cloud pushing – You can push content (webpages, text, pictures and links) from any webpage to any device running Maxthon Cloud.Maxthon Cloud Services:
• Cloud Push: Supports sending text, s, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and operating systems.
• Cloud Download: Supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to ‘My Cloud’ for backup on any device.
• My Cloud Tabs: Lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to Android, iOS or Mac devices.
• Cloud Sync: Syncs account data (Favorites, Settings and Magic Fill data) to other Rding:
• Rder Mode: Makes it sy to view articles by adjusting font sizes and removing ads and other distractions.
• Night Mode: Adjusts the brightness of the screen for low-light rding.Ftures that Make Web Browsing Less Annoying and More Convenient:
• Magic Fill: Maxthon securely saves the names and s of websites you visit and then fills in that information when you return.
• Ad Hunter: Maxthon removes advertisements with one click, and automatically blocks annoying pop-up .
• New Session: Users and gamers can simultaneously log into the same website with different accounts.
• Source Sniffer: Extract all photos, embedded s and audio files from a web page and download them with one click.
• SkyNote: Save and access text notes anywhere, anytime. You can also sync them across and Android.
• “Do Not Track” protects your privacy by preventing ad networks from tracking you.Changes in Maxthon Cloud [2014-10-23]:
New Ftures:
+ Screenshot fture guidence
+ Hints to some ftures in Settings page
+ Importing bookmarks from file/Folder supports crte New Folder/ Clr Bookmarks
Optimizations :
– Optimized Quick access resources
* Cloud push- to share with friends can not identify phone 170
* Unable to delete more than 20 set Homepages
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.4.3 Beta
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser

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