Thursday, May 19, 2016

Internet Security / AntiVirus 2015 MR2 With /Trial Reset Full Version Free Download

Internet Security / AntiVirus 2015 MR2 With /Trial Reset Full Version Free Download
What’s New in Internet Security 2015:
• Protection against interception of private data when connected to a public Wi-Fi network has been added. User warnings when connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi networks have been added as well.
• Unauthorized access by appliions to webcam is now blocked (for compatible webcam models).
• Protection for clipboard data in Safe Money mode against theft and interception has been added.
• The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: protection components (such as URL Advisor and Safe Money) support Mozilla™ Firefox 28.x, Internet Explorer 11, and Google Chrome 33.x, 34.x, and 35.x.
• Support for 8.1 Update has been added.
• Protection against unauthorized capture of screenshots in Safe Money mode has been improved. Hypervisor, DirectX®, and OpenGL technologies are used to enhance protection against screenshots.
• Functioning of the System Watcher component has been improved: protection against cryptors has been implemented. Internet Security crtes backup copies of files before they are encrypted by a malicious cryptor. This allows restoring these files from their backup copies. Backup copies of files are stored in the system folder for temporary files (Temp).This fture has the following characteristics and limitations:
– If there is not enough memory on the system on which the Temp folder is loed, no backup can be performed, and no notifiion of failed copying (non-provided protection) is displayed.
– Backup copies of files may be stored in unencrypted format.
– Backup copies of files are deleted when you quit Internet Security or disable the System Watcher component.
• In case of emercy termination of Internet Security, backup copies are not deleted. Copies must be deleted manually, if deletion is necessary.
• Parental Control functionality has been enhanced: the list of websites covered by Safe Srch has been expanded.
• Configuration of Parental Control, Safe Money, and Trusted Appliions mode has been simplified.
• The appliion’s performance in Trusted Appliions mode has been improved.
• Protection in Trusted Appliions mode has been enhanced: appliions are now monitored at an rly stage of operating system startup and protection of .NET appliions has been implemented.
• Appliion performance has been improved and computer resource consumption has been optimized.
• Less time is required to start the appliion.
• Appliion GUI performance and responsiveness have been improved.
• The product upgrade process has been improved.
• The size of the appliion distribution package has been reduced.
• Enabling Secure board Input no longer requires a restart after installation of the appliion.
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