Thursday, May 19, 2016

GameGain 2. 7.9.2012 +

Play the latest PC games with the highest settings possible. With GameGain you can instantly incrse the performance of your computer to make games run faster and play smoother.
Sometimes even the most powerful computer gaming hardware can be slowed down by the latest games. Many of the newer games require faster graphics cards, more memory and faster processors to have a playable game experience. Also due to the popularity of home game consoles many of these games are ported to the PC poorly, impacting performance on the fastest of machines. With GameGain your computer hardware is optimized to the extreme, allowing you to get the best performance possible for these games without sacrificing graphics fidelity.
Optimizing your desktop environment to work faster with games is a no brainer if you are a hardcore PC game enthusiast. Just like tuning a car to get higher performance, GameGain tunes your PC's hardware to work faster which improves gaming performance. Get every last bit of horsepower out of your computer to play your games smoother and faster with a few clicks of the mouse. Download a trial version of GameGain today and unlsh the full power of your computer hardware for faster gaming.

Compatible with 7, Vista, XP & Server 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT rdy.Optimizes your computer hardware to allow the latest games to run faster with the highest graphic settings possible.Decrses the amount of lag and screen pop-in you get playing games that require large map files to load during game play.Incrse the frames per second that is displayed allowing games to play much smoother and incrse your enjoyment of these games.Deep system analyzer and diagnostic fture which attempts to find and repair any potential problems with the computer affecting its performance.Advanced software based over-clocking fture which enhances memory speed, CPU prioritization of full screen appliions, making games run faster.Changes are made to the system directly not to game files; this prevents anti- systems from accusing you of game modifiion.Constant updates to the software add new performance twks to allow you to take advantage of improvements that your system is capable of.

Compatible: 7, Vista, XP & Server 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT rdy.
____INSTALLATION____unpack with winrarinstall apps.frm. setup.xcopy&paste into the install dir.done.

File Size : 2 MB


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