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Auslogics Defrag Pro With / Full Version Free Download

Auslogics Defrag Pro With / Full Version Free Download
Auslogics Defrag Pro is designed for fast optimization of today’s modern hard s. Get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments and save your time by defragmenting only necessary files, instd of defragmenting an entire hard drive.• 4 Optimization Aorithms
There are 4 optimization aorithms available for you to choose from. Use the Optimize by Access Time method when you want to have faster access to frequently used files. In order to speed up your system loading and appliion startup, use the Optimize by Prefetch Layout aorithm. If you just want to reduce further file fragmentation, then choose Optimize by Change Time. And finally, the Optimize by Zone aorithm allows you to manually specify which file types or even individual files should be written to the faster part of the .• Offline Defragmentation
The new Offline Defragmentation engine makes it possible to defragment important system files that are normally locked and can’t be moved while is running. Offline Defragmentation is performed on system boot, before the operating system loads. It allows you to strmline the following system files: MFT files, Paging file, Hybernation file and Registry files. Defragmenting system files will make your more responsive, speed up system loading and overall performance.• Free Space Consolidation
Use the Free Space Consolidation aorithm to grtly slow down the process of file fragmentation. This optimization method merges free space on your into a large contiguous block, which makes it possible for new files to be written without fragmentation. Note that while consolidating free space, the program also defragments files. But you can set the program not to defragment files in order to make the consolidation process go faster.• Advanced Defrag Aorithms
Auslogics Defrag Pro has defrag aorithms specifically designed for VSS-enabled and SSD drives. The VSS defrag aorithm is aimed to minimize growth of the VSS storage ar caused by file movement during defragmentation. It also reduces the chance of overwriting previous VSS snapshots. The SSD defrag aorithm grtly reduces the of write operations during defragmentation, which allows to extend the ’s lifespan.• Comprehensive Reports
With new comprehensive reports in the Professional version, it is sy to track all of the operations performed by the program. You can view the degree of file and free space fragmentation, size of the largest contiguous free space block available on your , and of files processed during ch operation. You can also track the eral condition of your and performance improvements through graphic charts. All reports can be viewed, printed and stored in a format convenient for you.• Resource Management
Auslogics Defrag Pro allows you to sily control the load on system resources produced by the defragmentation process. Restrict the use of system resources by the program when you are at your PC, or lift any restrictions to defrag your s faster. There are 4 pre-defined resource usage profiles you can choose from. Alternatively, you can crte your own profile with specific CPU and usage restrictions. You can also restrict launching defragmentation process when a specified appliion is running or your laptop switches to battery power.• Single File or Folder Defragmentation
Sometimes it makes more sense to defragment frequently used files only, instd of defragmenting the entire drive. Auslogics Defrag Pro can save your time by defragmenting only the files you want. It allows you to defragment a single file, several files or an entire folder. This option is useful when certain files need to be defragmented to speed up an appliion and there is no need to defragment the entire hard drive.• List of Fragmented Files
Auslogics Defrag Pro lists all fragmented files after performing analysis. Selecting a file from the list will highlight its fragments’ loion on the cluster map. You can find the most fragmented files and their paths by sorting through the list. The list also lets you choose files to defragment and files to add to the ignore list. All you need to do is right-click on a file in the list and select the operation you want to perform.• Defragmentation Wizard
With so many optimization aorithms and defrag options available, how do you choose the right one for your PC? Thanks to Defragmentation Wizard, it’s a matter of just a few simple clicks. All you have to do is specify what purpose you mostly use your computer for (home, , gaming or as a server), how often you work with various types of documents, and when your PC is on, but is not in use. This information will help the program suggest optimization aorithms that will work to achieve optimal and system performance.• Advanced Scheduler
A wide range of scheduling options makes it sy to maintain your hard drive in a consistently good shape. You can set the program to run precisely at the specified time, or alternatively, use Auto Defragmentation mode. The latter enables the program to defragment and optimize your s in rl time, making sure that file fragmentation is eliminated as soon as it occurs. And thanks to adjustable resource usage restrictions, any of the scheduled tasks won’t ever disturb you while you work or play on your computer.Changes in Auslogics Defrag Pro (21/11/2014):
* fixed all known bugs;
* improved internal libraries;
* All Tools: fixed all known bugs;
* improved program stability and reliability.
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